How can I import mail merge templates from MS Word?

You can create mail merge templates in Microsoft Word and you can import those templates to Zoho Recruit. To use this functionality, you need to purchase the Zoho Recruit plug-in for Microsoft Office. Note that, for merging the data, this feature is only supported in Internet Explorer 6 and above. 

To import MS Word template:

  1. Click Setup > Templates > Mail Merge Templates.
  2. In the Mail Merge Templates page, click Import Template.
  3. In the Import Template window, specify the following details:
    1. Click Choose File to browse and select the Microsoft Word file that you want to import.
    2. Enter the Description for the template.
    3. Select the Folder from the drop-down list. The template will be stored in the folder that you select.
    4. Select the Module for which you want to create the template.
      The merge fields in the template will be based on the module that you select.
  4. Click Import Template.