How can I rename tabs?

To rename tabs:

  1. Log in to Zoho Recruit with administrative privileges.
  2. Click Setup Customization > Modules.
  3. Move the mouse pointer to the module that you want to rename.
  4. Click on the Setting icon, and then click Edit [Module].
  5. Enter the singular and plural forms of the module's name in the respective text boxes.
  6. Select the profile(s). Users in the selected profiles will have access to the module.
  7. Click Save.
  • New tab names will not be reflected on the Page Layout, Reports, and Dashboards modules. Standard names are always displayed.
  • All the fields' names will also change according to the new name. For example, if you change the "Account" tab to "Client", the "Account Name" field will be changed to "Client Name".
  • If you change a tab name to plural form with the suffix "-ies", the singular form will be suffixed with "y". For example, if you change "Potentials" to "Job Openings", in all the places the singular form of "Potential" is changed to "Job Opening".
  • While changing the tab name you can add singular and plural names for the tab, eg: Candidates vs. Candidate.