How can I link custom modules with other modules?

By linking a custom module with a standard or another custom module, you can build module relationship and connect data easily. This is very useful in creating a variety of reports based on the data in your custom module. This cross module linking can be done using Lookup Fields. Similarly, you can also link standard modules with custom modules by creating a lookup field in the standard module.

To create lookup field in custom module and link it to another module:

  1. Log in to Zoho Recruit with Administrator privileges.
  2. Click Setup Customization Field.
  3. Select the custom module from the drop-down list and click New Custom Field.
  4. In New Custom Field page, select Lookup from the Field Type list.
  5. In the Field Details section, do the following:
    1. Enter a name for the lookup field in the Label text box.
    2. Select the Section Name from the drop-down list where the field should be displayed.
    3. Select a module from the Lookup Type drop-down. The custom field will populate data from the module selected here.
    4. Enter the Related List Label.
      A related list will be created for the records in the Buyers module.
  6. Click Save.