How can I add custom links? 

Links help you define functions to access third party applications and urls to acquire the desired information. This is an advanced feature that gives you the advantage of integrating content from other sites also in addition to your Recruit account, in just a single click.

Here are some examples where custom links in Zoho Recruit can be used:

  • Accessing Twitter profiles of your contacts: All the contacts in your account can have a field where you specify their Twitter ID. By creating a link for Twitter, you can directly go to the contact's twitter profile in a single click.
  • View maps: Zoho Recruit provides the Locate Map option to view the address of the contacts in Google Maps. If you want to view the address location using some other applications, then you can define a link.

To add links:

  1. Click Setup Customization Links.
  2. In the Links page, select the module from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Create Link.
  4. In the Create Link page, do the following:
    1. Enter a name for the link in the Label text box.
      The label should not exceed 50 characters. 
    2. Enter a Description for the link.
      The description should not exceed 250 characters.
    3. Enter the value to construct the URL.
      The URL length should not exceed 3000 characters.
    4. Select the Field from the drop-down list.
      On selecting, the field variable will be inserted as part of the URL.
  5. Click Save.
    The link will be available in the Record Details page. 

Note: The administrators and users with Customize Zoho Recruit permissions in their profile can define links and set access permissions for them. See Also Fields & Links Permissions