How can I create the terms of service field? 

Terms of service check box can be provided in your web form to ensure that the candidates read and comply with your company's terms and conditions and privacy policy before they submit their application.

To create terms of service field:

  1. Login to Zoho Recruit with Administrator privileges.
  2. Click Setup Customization Fields.
  3. Select Candidates from the Modules List.
  4. Click New Custom Field.
  5. In the Candidates: Create Custom Field page, select Terms of Application from the Select Field Type list.
  6. In the Provide Field Details section, do the following:
    • Enter a name in the Label field. 
    • From the Section Name drop-down list, select Terms of Service.
    • In the content text box, enter the content to be displayed along with the link to the terms of service page.
  7. Click Save.