How can I create auto number fields? 

The auto number type custom field helps classifying the records by unique numbers. Once the auto number field is added to the Recruit module, the number is added sequentially to the new records. This can be used to update the existing records also. 

To create auto number fields:

  1. Log in to Zoho Recruit with Administrator privileges.
  2. Click Setup Customization Fields.
  3. Select the module from the drop-down list and click New Custom Field.
    Module refers to the Candidates, Clients, Contacts, etc. tabs. 
  4. In [Module] New Custom Field page, select Auto Number from the Field Type list.
  5. In the Field Details section, do the following:
    • Enter a name in the Label field. 
    • Select the Section Name from the drop-down list where the field should be displayed.
    • Enter the Prefix, Starting Number and the Suffix for the auto number value.
    • Select the Existing Records checkbox to add autonumbers to the existing data.
    • Select the checkbox to Publish in website.
      Note: This checkbox is displayed only if you select the Job Openings module. 
  6. Click Save.

Note: If you select the Candidates module, Also create for Clients, Contacts, Job Openings checkbox will be displayed. Select the checkbox if you want to replicate this field in the other modules.