How can I add custom fields? 

In Zoho Recruit, you can add new fields as per your requirements. These fields will be available to all the users added to your organization's Recruit account.

  • Customize Zoho Defined Fields: You can edit, delete and hide some of the Zoho defined fields, but note that there are some fields that you cannot delete, remove, rename or change from mandatory settings. These Zoho defined fields are mandatory in Zoho Recruit. For example, Last Name in Candidates, Subject in Tasks etc.
  • Set Field Access Permissions: You can hide the fields from users in a specific profile or mark the fields as Read Only.

There is a limit to the number of fields that ou can create and also a limit to the type of fields that you create. This varies based on the Zoho Recruit edition that you use.


  • Custom fields are not available for the free edition.
  • Users of Zoho Recruit 1.0 fall under the custom field limit of Standard edition.

For almost all the fields that you create, you need to specify the following:

  • Label: Specify a name for the field.

  • Section Name: Choose a section under which the field should be listed. Whenever required, you can change the placement of the field in any other section. See Also Page Level Customization

Other specifications required for each type of field:

Field TypeOther Details
TextLength: Maximum 255 characters are allowed.
IntegerLength: Maximum 9 digits are allowed.
DecimalLength: Maximum 16 digits (including decimal places) are allowed.
PercentLabel: Specify the field name
CurrencyLength: Maximum 16 digits are allowed. Rounding Option: Specify the rounding option. Decimal Places: Specify the number of decimal places. Precision: Specify the rounding precision
DateFormat: YYYY/MM/DD  Note: Date format will be changed according to user's time zone settings.
Date & TimeFormat: YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM  Note: Date format will be changed according to user's time zone settings.
EmailSpecify a valid email address
PhoneSpecify a valid phone number
PicklistPicklist Values: Specify the picklist values
Multi-select PicklistPicklist Values: Specify the picklist values
Text AreaSpecify the Character limit: Small is 6000 characters, Large is 32000 characters.
Text Area Large will not be available while adding criteria in any feature.
Both Text Area Large and Small cannot be used for sorting records in ascending or descending order.
Check box-
Auto NumberPrefix: Specify the prefix of the auto-number sequence. Starting Number: Specify the starting number of the sequence. Suffix: Specify the suffix of the auto-number sequence. Existing Records: Select the checkbox to apply auto-number to existing records.
LookupLookup Type: Select the module for which you like to establish the relationship. Related List Label: It is the name you give to the entity that will be created under the record's details. For example, Attachments, Contact Roles etc.
Note: Lookup fields can't be created under ToDo's module (for Tasks, Calls, and Events).
Long IntegerMaximum 18 digits are allowed.

Note: Since the number of Lookup fields have been restricted from 10 to 5, you are allowed to create a maximum of five Long Integer fields, provided you have only five Lookup fields. However, you can create another Long Integer field, by deleting one Lookup field. Please note that once the field is deleted, you cannot create another lookup field.

Add Custom Fields

In each module, you can add custom fields to capture important data specific to your business requirements by specifying some field-related information.

To add custom fields:

  1. Log in to Zoho Recruit with Administrator's privileges.

  2. Click Setup > Customization > Fields.

  3. Select the module from the drop-down list and click New Custom Field

  4. In the [Module]: Create Custom Field page, do the following:

    1. In the Select Field Type section, select the field type.

    2. In Provide Field Details section, specify the field details. (Refer to the table above)

  5. Click Save.


  • The Also create for Clients, Contacts, Job Openings option will be available only while creating fields for Candidates.
  • Once the field is created, you cannot change the 'data type' of the field. For example, an Integer (digits) field cannot be changed into a Currency field.
  • You can edit the custom fields to change the length of the following types of fields - Currency, Text, Number (Integer), Decimal, Phone, Long Integer and URL.
  • You cannot add custom fields in the Log a Call page. However, you can customize the existing fields using page layout customization.

Custom Field Limits

There is a limit to the total number of fields that you can create in you account and also a limit to the type of fields that you create. This varies based on your Zoho Recruit Edition. 


  • Custom fields are not available in the Free edition of Zoho Recruit.
  • Lookup and Formula fields are not available in the Standard Edition of Zoho Recruit.

Refer the following table to check the field limits:

Maximum number of 

Individual field types

String fields

(Text, Pick List, Multi-Select Pick List,

E-mail, Phone, Small Text Area,

Large Text Area [MAX 10], URL,

Auto Number [MAX 1])
Integer Fields

(Digits without decimals)
Double/ Number Fields

(Decimal, Percentage, and Currency)
Date Fields 2550
Date & Time Fields 2550

(Check Box)
Long Integer Fields 1535
Lookup Fields 55
Auto-number Fields
(Included in total no. of text fields)
Formula Fields
(Included in total no. of custom fields)
 15 fields/module15 fields/module