How can I delete attachment category?

You can delete an attachment category you have created, if it is not valid anymore.

Note: By default, both Recruiter and Admin have permission to create, edit and delete an attachment category.

To delete attachment category:

  1. Click Setup >Customization >AttachmentCategory.
  2. In the Attachment Category page, select the module for which attachment category needs to be deleted from the Modules drop-down list.
  3. The existing attachment categories are displayed.
  4. Click the Delete link under the Action section, corresponding to the Category.

    Delete Attachment Category window is displayed.
  5. In the Delete Attachment Category window do the following:
    1. To change the category, select the option "Do you want to change the attachment category?"
    2. Select the attachment category from the drop-down list.
    3. Click Replace.
    4. To delete the category, select the option "Are you sure you want to delete this category?"
    5. Click Delete.


  • If you delete a category, all the related attachments will also be deleted.

  • You can retrieve the deleted items from the recycle bin. To permanently delete the items, you need to delete them from the recycle bin.

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