How can I add attachment category?

Attachments refer to any document, file, image etc. that is related to a particular record. You have the option to add multiple categories of attachment for each module. For example, Resume, Cover Letter to Candidates and Job Description to Job Openings.

NoteBy default, both Recruiter and Admin have permission to create, edit and delete an attachment category.

To add attachment category:

  1. Click Setup >Customization >AttachmentCategory.
  2. In the Attachment Category page, select the module for which attachment category needs to be created from the Modules drop-down list.
  3. Click the Add new link.
  4. Add Attachment Category window is displayed.
  5. Enter the Category Name in the textbox.
  6. Check the Publish checkbox if you want to publish the attachment category in web forms and career pages.
  7. Check the Mandatory checkbox if you want to make the attachment category mandatory in the candidate and job opening form.
  8. Click Add. The new attachment category details are displayed in the Attachment Category page.

NoteThe user can upload multiple files in the Others category and the new categories created. But for the remaining system generated categories, only single attachments are allowed.

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