How can I process copy customization?

Zoho Recruit for Verticals

Keeping pace with this trend of providing industry-specific ATS, Zoho Recruit has expanded the concept of Recruit for Verticals. Zoho Recruit aims at encouraging partners to customize Recruit, optimizing it to a specific business or industry and then providing this customized Recruit to other users through the Copy Customization process.

Note: Copy Customization requires that both the user accounts are of the same Edition. You cannot copy the customizations from Professional Edition to the Enterprise Edition. Both account A and B should be the same Paid Edition. Account B can also be the Trial Version of the Paid Edition.

Business Benefits

  • Extends ATS functionality to a growing list of value-added resellers with expertise in a specific industry.
  • Meets organization-specific ATS requirements.
  • Allows users to custom-build a Recruit system for a specific business by adding appropriate functionality.
  • Helps focus on specific business issues within an industry.
  • Saves time in deploying a fully functional ATS system for several users.
  • Enables companies to develop deeper insight into their customers' needs and preferences.


Target Audience

  • Resellers / Partners
  • ATS Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs



  • Industry-specific ATS solutions are gaining momentum in the market.
  • Mid-sized companies are adopting ATS as an integral part of their business strategies and turn to more manageable ATS implementations.
  • Companies are demanding ATS systems that conform to the way their business works.
  • Businesses are focusing towards an ATS service that reflects the terminology, data elements and business process flows that are unique to their industry.

Process Copy Customization

The Copy Customization feature helps experts from different verticals to custom-build Zoho Recruit, as per industry specific requirements, and then deploy the customized Recruit into other related Recruit accounts. The Zoho Recruit user will need to specify the Username or Email Address and Password of the Recruit customer who needs the Copy Customization and to whose account the customization needs to be copied. With this feature, you can copy the various customizations that include Fields, Sections, Page Layouts, Tabs, Custom Reports, Email & Inventory Templates, and Logos.

To process copy customization:

  1. Click Setup > Organization Settings > Copy Customization.
  2. In the Copy Customization page, specify the Username and Password of the user to whose account the customization needs to be copied.
  3. Click Copy
    An email will be sent to the Primary Contact of the target account. The Copy Customization scheduler starts only after the customer (Primary Contact) confirms the process.
  • You can use the Copy Customization feature to copy system-level configurations to the target accounts.
  • It is advisable that you copy the customization in a new account that has no customization and data.
  • This is a one-time process and you cannot process "Copy Customization" a second time for the same customer.
  • Copy Customization requires that both the user accounts are of the same Edition.