Follow Zoho Recruit career pages using RSS Feed

Subscribing to an RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed is the simplest way to keep track of and be in sync with a website or a page you want to follow. This helps you save time and eliminates the need to visit the site often to check for updates. A job seeker/candidate usually visits multiple sites and applies for jobs, and with the RSS feed integration in Zoho Recruit, they now have the option to add any specific career pages to their RSS feed reader and be notified whenever new jobs are posted to the page.

NoteAny updates made on the job list page will reflect in the RSS feed only after 24 hours.

With the RSS feed option, job seekers/candidates can:

  • Get notification about new and updated job postings.

  • Save time visiting the web page multiple times to check for updates

  • Ensure that they get updates only from the job listing page they want to follow and not clutter the inbox with unnecessary information.

By default, the RSS feed option will be enabled for the users. You can, however, disable this option if you do not wish to receive career page updates or want to discontinue the feed.

To enable/disable the RSS feed:

  1. Log in to Zoho Recruit.

  2. Click Setup > Careers Website Integration > Careers Website.

  3. Click the Customize/Edit page icon beside the job listing page on which you want to add/remove the RSS feed icon.

  4. In the Customization page, hover the mouse over the job list to which you want to add/remove the RSS feed icon and click Customize.
    Customize Job List window is displayed.

  5. Click Advanced Settings.

  6. Select/deselect the Enable RSS option for this list check box.

  7. Click Save All