How can I publish my job openings to job boards and the careers website?

To publish job openings to job boards and the careers website:

  1. Log in to Zoho Recruit.
  2. Go to the Job Openings module.
  3. Click the job opening you wish to publish from the listed job openings.
  4. In the job opening details page, on the right, under Quick Actions, click Publish.
  5. In Step 1 select the website and job boards to which you want to publish the job opening and click Next.
  6. In Step 2 fill the common fields required by job boards to publish this job opening. Click Next.
  7. In Step 3 from the drop-down list select the form which will be used as the candidate application form when a candidate applies for this job opening. If you would like to create a new form click Go to Web Forms. When you have finished form selection click Finish.
  8. A Job Publish Information pop-up appears. You can use the URLs displayed on this pop-up to publish the job opening or candidate application form on other websites, if required. Click Done to close the pop-up.