How can I customize job list fields?

To customize job list fields:

  1. Log in to Zoho Recruit.
  2. On the top panel, click Setup.
  3. Under Careers Website Integration, click Careers Website.
  4. Click the Customize/Edit page icon beside the job listing page on which you would like to customize the job list fields.
  5. Click Customize on the Job List for which you would like to customize job list fields.
  6. In the Customize Job List pop-up, use the Publish Job Lists Fields section to customize the fields you would like displayed.
  7. You can add fields by clicking Add More Fields.
  8. Choose the publish fields you would like displayed on your Job Opening List and click Add.
    Note: Only form fields specified as publish fields in the job openings module, will be displayed on the pop-up. To learn more on what publish fields are and how to set them click here.
  9. Clicking Edit Publish Fields will open a new window where you can set job openings module fields as publish fields.
  10. You can delete fields by clicking the delete icon on the field name.
  11. You can also rearrange the fields as desired by simply dragging and moving the fields.
  12. You can sort fields in ascending or descending order by clicking the sort icon on the field name.
  13. Use the Data Order pop-up to change the sorting order to ascending or descending and then click Save.
  14. Once you are done with editing and making necessary changes to the Job List fields, click Save All on the Customize Job List pop-up.
  15. Click Save & Publish on the Customize page.