How can I create a new careers web page?

To create a new careers web page, follow the steps given below.

  1. Log in to Zoho Recruit.
  2. On the top panel, click Setup.
  3. Under Careers Website Integration, click Careers Website.
  4. You can opt to turn on or turn off the candidate login option. Turning on this option will make it mandatory for applicants to create an account and log in before applying for displayed job postings.
    Note: Turning on this option will activate Candidate Login for all existing web pages and also for all web pages that will be created going forward. You can use the same option to turn off Candidate Login for all web pages.
  5. When you turn on candidate login, you will be asked to select the web form which can be used on the My Profile page to capture candidate information. Select an existing web form from the drop-down list or create a new form by clicking Go to Web Form. When done, click Save & Next.
  6. On the Configure Candidate Emails pop-up, you can modify the following emails that are sent out to candidates.
    • Welcome email - sent to candidates who sign-up
    • Password recovery email - sent to candidates who click on Forgot Password

    After editing, click Save All.
    Note: To select another web form for the My Profile page or to edit the email configuration at a later time, click Edit Details beside Candidate Login ON/OFF button.

  7. Now, click Add New Page.
  8. In the Add New Page pop-up, select your option to either Clone Existing page or Create a new page. If you select Create a new page, then you will need to select the type of page that you want to create either a Job listing page or a Candidate application form.
    A Job listing page can be used to advertise current job openings in the organization.
    A Candidate application form can be used as a registration form for candidates.
    Once you have selected your option on the Add New Page pop-up, click on Create. In this document, we will be considering a Job listing page.
    NoteFor steps on how to create and customize a Candidate application form page click here.
  9. To rename the page, click the Page Settings button.
  10. Enter the desired page name and click Save.
  11. Customize the web page using the options available on the editing page. You can also customize the Job List options by clicking on Customize on the Job List widget. Use the Preview option to preview how the web page will appear when it goes live.
  12. Once you have completed editing, click Save & Publish.

    NoteThe Themes button can be used to edit the appearance of the web page. The Page Settings button can be used to modify the settings of the web page. Hover your mouse cursor over the widgets to view widget editing options.