How can I create workflow field updates?

The Field Update option helps you to automatically update certain field values in the records, when the associated workflow rule is triggered.

To create field updates:

  1. Click Setup Automation Workflow Field Updates.
  2. In the Workflow Field Updates page, click Configure Field Update.
  3. In the New Workflow Field Update page, do the following:
    • Enter a Name for the field update.
    • Select the Module from the drop-down list.
      You can also update the field values of the related parent records associated to the record selected for workflow rule. For example: While creating workflow rules for Contacts, you will be able to update the fields of the parent Client records too. 
    • Select the field from the Update drop-down list that needs to be updated.
    • Specify the value for the field that you want updated.
    • Click Save.


  • Workflow Field Updates cannot be associated to a workflow rule if the Execution Criteria selected for a rule is 'Delete'.
  • You can associate a maximum of 3 field updates to each action (Instant and Time Based Actions).
  • You can update the Record Owner field too using this feature.
  • From within a workflow rule, you can also create Workflow Field Updates to update parent record's fields. 
Record TypeParent Records That You Can Update
Job OpeningClients, Contacts
InterviewJob Opening