What are the types of error codes that can be displayed while setting up webhooks?

When execution of webhook fails, one of the following error messages are displayed in Zoho Recruit:

HTTP Status Codes

  • 400 Bad Request - Often missing a required parameter.
  • 401 Unauthorized - No valid API key provided.
  • 402 Request Failed - Parameters were valid but request failed.
  • 404 Not Found - The requested item doesn't exist.
  • 500, 502, 503, 504 Server errors - Something went wrong with the third-party application.
  • Error Code 1 - Temporarily not able to connect to the API server. You need to check API server logs, firewalls settings for the requests sent from Recruit.

Custom Errors 

  • Internal process failure - When the webhook is not executed due to errors in processing the webhook.
  • Day limit reached - When the company reaches the maximum limit for the day.