How can I set up webhooks?

Webhooks facilitates communication with third-party applications by sending instant web notifications every time an event occurs in Zoho Recruit. With Webhooks, you can configure HTTP URLs and associate them in workflow rules to automate the entire notification process.

Setting up webhooks includes the following three steps:

  1. Create a webhook

  2. Associate webhook to a workflow rule

  3. Test webhook integration


To create a webhook:

  1. Click Setup > Automation > Workflow > Webhooks.

  2. In the Webhooks page, click the Configure Webhook.

  3. In the Configure Webhook page, do the following:

    1. Enter Name.

    2. Enter URL to Notify.

    3. Select the Method.

    4. Select the Module from the drop-down list.

    5. Specify the URL Parameters.

  4. Click Save.

To associate webhook to a workflow rule:

  1. Click Setup > Automation > Workflow > Rules.

  2. In the Workflow Rules page, click Create Rule.

  3. In the New Rule page, specify details under the Basic Information, Rule Trigger and Rule Criteria sections.
    Refer Create Workflow Rules.

  4. Under Workflow Actions, select the webhooks to be triggered.

  5. Click Associate.

  6. Click Save.

To test the webhook integration:

  1. Add test data in Recruit according to your workflow rule criteria.

  2. In your application check for the data received from Zoho Recruit via webhook notification.

  3. If there is an error or data mismatch, modify your webhook settings in Zoho Recruit.

  4. Continue this test until you obtain the required data from Zoho Recruit to your Application.



  • You can associate up to 6 (1 Instant Action and 5 Time-Based Actions) webhooks per workflow rule.

  • You can transfer data for a maximum of 10 Recruit fields from Zoho Recruit to third-party applications using webhook.

  • You cannot retrieve data from other Apps to Zoho Recruit using webhooks.

  • You must update the API ticket regularly according to limits in third-party applications.

  • You will not receive any email notification, if the Webhook integration stopped functioning due to any issue in a third-party API.

  • If there is any failure in the process, Webhook will send a notification first, Zoho Recruit system will send a second notification after 15 min. Thereafter, the system will not send any Webhook notifications for that particular workflow trigger.

  • If you exceed the maximum count per day, the system will not send remaining Webhook notifications to third-party applications and will notify the failure to Administrator.

  • In the URL to Notify field, if you want to specify a port number, please note that only 80 or 443 port numbers are supported.

  • Zoho Recruit will the send the data in following standard format for Date and Date Time fields to third-party applications:

    • Date: yyyy-MM-dd

    • Date Time: yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm