How can I generate an unsubscribe link?

This feature helps you generate an unsubscribe link for the email recipients. Using this link, the email recipients can opt out of receiving emails from your organization.

To generate an unsubscribe link:

  1. Click Setup > Templates > UnsubscribeLink.
  2. In the UnsubscribeLink page, create a message and insert the available Zoho Recruit merge field values to customize it. 
  3. Click Save.

To add an unsubscribe link in the email template:

  1. Click Setup > Templates > EmailTemplate.
  2. In the EmailTemplates page, click the Edit link corresponding to the email template you want to provide the unsubscribe link.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. In the EditEmailTemplate page, select the AddUnsubscribeLink checkbox.
  5. Click Save.


  • This feature is applicable only for Candidate and Contacts module.
  • This link will be active only for 7 days.