How can I create auto response rule for web form?

The Auto Response rule feature enables you to send automated emails when candidates or contacts are generated through web forms. When a candidate is generated through web forms, you may want to send appropriate emails to the candidates with different types of requests. In such cases, you can create an auto response rule with specific rule criteria. When the condition is satisfied, the corresponding email is sent. You can create numerous auto response rules but only one auto response rule can be active at a time.

To create auto response rules for web forms:

  1. Click Setup > Career Website Integration > Auto Response Rules.
  2. In the Auto Response Rules page, click the Candidates or Contacts tab.
    You will be able to create the auto response rule for the selected tab. 
  3. In the Auto Response Rules for Web to [Module] page, click Create Rule.
  4. In the Create Auto Response Rules for Web to [Module] page, do the following:
    • Enter the Rule Name
    • Select the check box to activate the rule.
    • Click Save

Note: Once the rule is created, you need to define the criteria (i.e. create rule entries) based on which the email template will be sent to the visitor who submits the web form.