How can I create auto response rule entry?

After the auto response rule is created, you need to create the rule entries based on which the email template will be sent to the visitor who submits the web form.

To create auto response rule entry:

  1. Click Setup > Website Integration > Auto Response Rules.
  2. In the Auto Response Rules page, click on the rule for which you want to create the rule entry.
  3. In the Auto Response Rules for Web to [Module] page, click Create Rule Entry
  4. In the Rule Entry page, do the following:
    1. Specify the Rule Criteria.
    2. Choose an Email Template from the drop down list.
    3. If you want to create a new email template, click the Create an email template link.
      Refer Create Email Templates.
  5. Click Save.

NoteWhen the details gathered through the web form does not satisfy the auto response rule criteria, then the email template selected while creating the web form will be sent.