How can I configure SMS add-on?

SMS add-on feature enables the recruiters to easily send mass and individual messages with recruitment details to candidates and contacts.

To configure SMS add-on:

  1. Setup >Apps & Add-ons >Other Apps.
  2. Click SMS / Text Messaging Add-on.


    SMS / Text Messaging Add-on page is displayed.

  3. Select the SMS provider from the displayed list.

    Note: You have to register with the SMS provider selected to purchase credit and avail the service. Click here to learn how.

  4. Enter the SMS provider details (like Username, Account Id, Api key etc.).
  5. Select the Country Code based on your Candidate/Contacts location.
    Note: The Country Code entered here will be set as the default code while sending SMS to candidates. If you are sending messages to any mobile number with a different country code, you have to manually change the code before sending the SMS.
  6. Click Authenticate & Save. A pop-up window is displayed with the following query:


  7. To change the default contact field, click ProceedSelect Fields window is displayed.


  8. Select the appropriate values from the Candidates and Contacts drop-down lists.
  9. Click Update. The updated fields will be displayed in the respective module details page.


  • To use the SMS Add-on feature, Admin has to purchase the SMS Add-on, which is priced at $25/org/month
  • Only the Admin can purchase credits from SMS Vendor and Configure the SMS settings in Zoho Recruit
  • Only the Admin can create SMS templates for Candidates , Contacts and Interviewer.
  • Admin and Recruiter can send SMS to Interviewer, Candidates and Contacts as Single/Bulk.
  • Only the Admin can give SMS add-on access to the Recruiters.