How can I configure SMS Gateway?

SMS Gateway feature enables the recruiters to easily send mass and individual messages with recruitment details to candidates and contacts.

To configure SMS Gateway:

  1. Setup > Apps & Add-ons > Other Apps.
  2. Click SMS / Text Messaging Gateway.

    SMS / Text Messaging Add-on page is displayed.

  3. Select the SMS provider from the displayed list.


    Note: You have to register with the SMS provider selected to purchase credit and avail the service. Click here to learn how.

  4. Enter the SMS provider details.
    (I) Screen Magic: Username, Account ID, API Key, Sender ID.
    (II) Clicktell: Username, Password, API ID, Sender ID.
    (III) Message Media: Username, Password.
    (IV) Twilio: Username, Password, Sender ID.
  5. Select the Country Code based on your Candidate/Contacts location.
    Note: The Country Code entered here will be set as the default code while sending SMS to candidates. If you are sending messages to any mobile number with a different country code, you have to manually change the code before sending the SMS.
  6. Click Authenticate & Save. A pop-up window is displayed with the following query:


  7. To change the default contact field, click ProceedSelect Fields window is displayed.


  8. Select the appropriate values from the Candidates and Contacts drop-down lists.
  9. Click Update. The updated fields will be displayed in the respective module details page.


  • SMS Gateway feature is for Enterprise users only.
  • Only the Admin can create SMS templates for Candidates, Contacts and Interviewer.
  • Only the Admin and Recruiter can send SMS to Interviewer, Candidates and Contacts as Single/Bulk.
  • Only the Admin can give SMS Gateway access to the Recruiters.
  • Only Twilio offers Two-way SMS Gateway.