How can I check available SMS credits?

You can keep track of your SMS credits in Zoho Recruit.

To check available SMS credits:

  1. Click  Setup > Apps & Add-ons > Other Apps.

  2. Click SMS/Text Messaging Gateway.

  3. In the SMS/Text Messaging Gateway page, under Configured SMS Provider details you can view the Available SMS Credits.



  • SMS Gateway feature is available only for Enterprise users.
  • Twilio is a post-paid Gateway and hence, you cannot view available SMS credits.
  • Only the Admin can purchase credits from SMS Vendor and Configure the SMS settings in Zoho Recruit
  • Only the Admin can create SMS templates for Candidates , Contacts and Interviewer.
  • Only the Admin and Recruiter can send SMS to Interviewer, Candidates and Contacts as Single/Bulk.
  • Only the Admin can give SMS Gateway access to the Recruiters.