How can I import contacts from Google Apps?

This feature helps you import contacts from Google Apps to Zoho Recruit. It enables you to access your Google contacts from Zoho Recruit, without having to sign in to your Google account, every time you want to import. The imported contacts from Google Apps will be assigned to you and shared with Zoho Recruit users as per your organizational hierarchy.



To import contacts from Google Apps:

  1. Log in to Google Apps.
  2. In the Google Apps Dashboard, select the Google service.
  3. Select Zoho Recruit from Google's universal navigation.
  4. In Zoho Recruit, click Setup > Apps & Add-ons > Google Apps > Contacts.
  5. In the Import Contacts from Google apps page, select the contacts and click Add Now.
  6. In the Map Fields page, map the Recruit fields with Google Apps fields and then click Next.
    Your Google Apps contacts are imported into Zoho Recruit.
  • After importing, your contacts are shared with other users as per the roles in your Zoho Recruit account.
  • You are strongly recommended to import only business contacts to Zoho Recruit.
  • While importing data, duplicate check is performed automatically.