How can I attach files from Google Drive?

With this feature, you can attach documents from Google Drive in Zoho Recruit without the hassle of downloading.


To attach files from Google Drive:

  1. Sign in to Zoho Recruit.
  2. Select a record from the required module. (eg. Candidates, Contacts, Job Openings etc.)
  3. In the [Module] Details page, click the Google Docs link under Attachments related list.
  4. In the Attach from Google Documents page, click Authenticate Google.
  5. In the Google Docs login page, enter the user name password of your Google Account.
    Note: If you are already logged into Google Drive, you will be redirected to the Grant Access page.
  6. Click Grant Access in the Google Accounts page, to enable Zoho Recruit to access Google Drive.
  7. From the Attach from Google Documents window, select the required document(s), spreadsheet(s) or presentation(s).
  8. Click OK to attach the file. The file will be available in the Attachments section.
  • You need to authenticate your Google credentials (first time only).
  • The Attach from Google Docs option is available in all modules except Reports, Dashboards and Forecasts.
  • You can attach ONLY those files that are already available in Google Drive.
  • Your Google credentials are NOT stored anywhere in Zoho Recruit.
  • You can attach a maximum of 5 files (at a time) and the total size of the file(s) should not exceed 5 MB.