How can I add Google Apps users to Zoho Recruit?

After creating Zoho Recruit account, users with Super Administrator's privilege can add users from Google Apps to Zoho Recruit. By default, the system will assign the Guest role to the users. Hence, we recommend you to review and update the roles of users after you add them.


To add users from Google Apps:

  1. Log in to Google Apps.
  2. In the Google Apps Dashboard, select the Google service.
  3. Select Zoho Recruit from Google's universal navigation.
  4. In Zoho Recruit, click Setup > Apps & Add-ons > Google Apps > Users.
  5. In the Add Users from Google Apps page, select the users you want to import.
  6. Click Add to Zoho Recruit.
    The selected users will be added to your Zoho Recruit account.
  7. Click Setup > Users & Permissions > Users to update the users' profile and role.


  • If you exceed the license limit after the 15-day trial, users will be deactivated until you buy additional license. Please check the license limit in the Manage Subscription page before importing users into Zoho Recruit.
  • You can add users based on your license limit in Zoho Recruit.
  • Users added beyond the license limit will be deactivated until you buy additional user licenses.
  • After subscribing for the additional licenses, re-invite the deactivated users from Setup > Users &Permissions > Users page.
  • The users that you import will be assigned the Recruiter Role and Standard Profile.You can click Setup > Users & Permissions > Users to update the users' profile and role.