How can I activate Zoho Recruit from Google Apps?

Zoho Recruit for Google Apps is available in the Google Apps Marketplace. Google Apps users who have Super Administrator role can activate the Zoho Recruit service for your organization by following few easy steps.


To activate Zoho Recruit for Google Apps:

  1. Log in to Google Apps with Super Administrator's privilege
  2. In the Admin Console page, click Marketplace Apps. The services that you have added will be listed.
  3. Click the Add Marketplace Apps icon.
  4. In the Google Apps Marketplace, search for the Zoho Recruit application.
  5. From the search results, select Zoho Recruit and click Install App.
  6. In the Get Ready to Install window, click Continue. The Grant Data Access and Terms of Services page is displayed.
  7. Review the list of Google data APIs, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Google Apps Marketplace Terms of Service and click Accept.
  8. The Zoho Recruit application will be added to the dashboard and Google universal navigation.

To create Zoho Recruit account:

  1. Log in to Google Apps with Super Administrator privilege.
  2. In the Google Apps Dashboard, or Google universal navigation, click Zoho Recruit application.
  3. In the Welcome to Zoho Recruit page, select Enable Zoho Recruit access to Google Apps user and click Start. Zoho Recruit account will be created for your Google Apps domain.


  • When you have a Zoho Recruit account (any Edition) - On activation, you will be able to access all the features. Note that the Gmail integration will be available only if you have Zoho Mail Add-on for your account.
  • When you do not have a Zoho Recruit account - While activating, you will get the Zoho Recruit - Enterprise Edition Trial Version with Zoho Mail Add-on for 15 days.