How to create reports?

Zoho Recruit's integration with Zoho Reports allows you to create a variety of reports including charts, pivot tables, dashboards, query/summary tables etc.

To create reports:

  1. Click Reports tab.
  2. Click New Report.
  3. Select a report view.
  4. Select a Base Table to create a report view and click OK.
  5. Now, drag and drop the required form fields from the Field list into the repective shelves in the Graph tab.
    Listed tables at the left panel: 
    Candidate - Contains Candidate details
    Client - Contains Client details
    Client Contact - Contains Client Contact details
    Interview - Contains Interview details
    Job Opening - Contains Job Opening details
    Resume Review - Contains detail of Job Opening and Candidate, with which you can create reports like Total no.of.candidates processed for a particular job opening, Total no.of.candidates hired for a job opening, etc.
    Users - Contains User details
  6. After dropping the fields, click on the option Click here to Generate Graph.

Below is a brief description of each of the shelves in the Graph tab.

X-Axis: Column dropped in this shelf appears horizontally across X-axis.
Y-Axis: Column dropped in this shelf appears vertically across Y-axis. You can drop multiple fields in this shelf to create reports with multiple Y-axes.

Color: When a field is dropped in this shelf, the chart will be further categorize showing each data point in this field in different colors (different data series) in the chart.

Text: Includes the corresponding value of the dropped fields as data label in the chart, according to the function applied on the field.

Include fields for Tooltip: Includes the corresponding value of the dropped fields in the chart tool-tip, according to the function applied on the field.

Filters tab
The powerful Filtering options lets you to filter the necessary records that are to be plotted in the report that you create.The Filtering options are the same for all types of reports that you create in Zoho Reports namely charts, pivot table & summary views. You can apply multiple filters (based on multiple fields) on a report .The filtering option discussed in this topic can be applied only when you are designing a report (i.e when you are in design mode) and not in (pre) view mode.


In the case of Charts you can use the Add to Filter icon( ) next to X and Y axes to quickly add the fields plotted against X and Y axes into the Filters tab.

Once a column is dropped, a list of all possible options for filtering will be displayed in the (second) box right to Filter Shelf as shown in the screen shot above. The filtering options provided varies based on the data type of the column dropped.

To create a filter, after you have created the required report

  1. Select the required Chart
  2. Click Edit Design option in the tool bar.
  3. Click Filters tab next to the Graph tab in the design area. The Filters Tab has three boxes as shown in the screenshot below. Filter Shelf (Box) to drop the Fields, second box displays the filter options and lists all the possible values for filtering and the third box displays added filter items.
  4. Drag and drop the required fields in to the Filter shelf.

Click here for more details.

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