How to authenticate yourself with LinkedIn?

You can now easily connect to social network - LinkedIn, to view and associate the profile with Zoho Recruit. The first step is to authenticate yourself with your LinkedIn account credentials. This is a one time authentication that every user has to perform to use this feature.


- The LinkedIn Account associated to the email and password used while authenticating, will be associated with you Zoho Recruit account.

- While authenticating, you can set the option to automatically revoke the access.

- Make sure that you authenticate your LinkedIn account with only one Zoho Recruit account.

To authenticate yourself with LinkedIn:

  1. Click Settings tab.
  2. Click Social network integration.
  3. Click Connect to LinkedIn.
    Note: We recommend that you turn-off the pop-up blocker.
  4. In the pop-up page, enter your LinkedIn login details Email and Password, and click Ok, I'll Allow It


  1. Click Candidates tab.
  2. From the list of candidates, select a record.
  3. In the Candidate detail page, click (Linkedin icon).
  4. In the pop-up screen, click Authenticate.
    Note: We recommend that you turn-off the pop-up blocker.
  5. In the pop-up window, specify your LinkedIn Email and Password for authentication.
  6. Click Ok, I'll Allow It

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