How to associate LinkedIn profiles with Candidates and Contacts in Zoho Recruit?

You can associate the LinkedIn profiles to the Candidate/Client Contact in Zoho Recruit. You can perform the following set of actions:

- View the Linkedin profile along with the Education, Experience, etc., details of the candidate/client contact
- Send private message to first level conenctions
- View LinkedIn updates of  the candidate/contact
- Post comments for the updates
- Like or unlike the LinkedIn updates

To associate a profile with a Recruit candidate/contact:

  1. Click Candidate/Cient Contact tab.
  2. For the list of candidates/contacts, select a contact to which you want to associate the LinkedIn profile.
  3. In the Candidate/Client Contact detail page, click (LinkedIn icon).
  4. The LinkedIn profiles with matching the candidates/client contacts's will be listed Click the Modify Your Search link to change the search criteria.
  5. Click Associate corresponding to the profile that you want to associate to the contact.
    You can disassociate or change the LinkedIn profile anytime.

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