Zoho Recruit Glossary




    Assessments are often done before the interview to help shortlist candidates based on certain skills and qualities. Giving assessments that closely resemble the job can give an objective view of the competency of the individual and how they will perform in the job.

    Applicant tracking system/ATS

    Applicant tracking systems help to store, track, and analyze the entire candidate journey right from posting the job opening to hiring a candidate.

    Auto responders

    Auto responders can help you set up automated replies and follow-up emails to candidates and clients at various stages of their recruitment journey. Automated responses can also be scheduled to trigger when certain actions are performed.

    ATS integration

    ATS integration allows recruiters to collate candidate data with other human resource management software to enable more efficient hiring and onboarding.

    AI staffing

    AI staffing is the application of artificial intelligence technology in recruitment to improve efficiency. AI can be used to screen resumes, shortlist ideal candidates and automate various manual tasks in recruitment.

    Agile recruitment

    Agile recruitment is a recruitment methodology that helps to give a structure to your hiring process along with consistent feedback from all the stakeholders. This can enable better collaboration to create a more efficient recruitment process and make better hiring decisions.

    Applicant tracking system reports

    Applicant tracking system reports can collate various hiring metrics to give actionable, data-driven insights for optimizing the hiring process.

    Active sourcing

    Active sourcing is proactively sourcing potential candidates to build a talent pool and keep them engaged even before a requirement arises. This way, recruiters have a set of high quality profiles to reach out to when there are new job openings.



    Blueprint allows you to create and track your recruitment process workflow. It improves communication and guides the recruitment team to do the right tasks at the right time. You can also create intelligent workflow automations and build a data-driven recruitment strategy.

    Blockchain recruitment

    Blockchain is a permanent digital ledger that can be viewed by anyone, but cannot be tampered with. This opens up new possibilities in recruitment, as it ensures high-quality hires by making the candidate data secure and credible.

    Background checks

    Background checks are done to cross-check the information provided by the candidates during the application process. This includes verification of contact information, candidate work and education history, and even checking for criminal records.

    Zoho Recruit integrates with Checkr, Verified First, and HireRight to easily export candidate data and complete the background verification.


    Collaborative hiring

    Recruiting collaboratively ensures that all the stakeholders, such as the hiring manager, hiring team lead, hiring team members, recruiters, and candidates, play an important role in decision-making.

    Contingent Workforce Management

    Contingent workforce are temporary staff. They can be freelancers, gig workers, or independent contractors who are hired on a temporary basis for specific requirements. Zoho Workerly allows you to find and manage a contingent workforce

    Client management system

    A client management system acts as a centralized platform to store, access, and perform actions on client and customer data. It helps businesses to establish and nurture smooth relationships with their leads and facilitates better marketing, sales and support.

    Career page

    A career page can help to showcase your brand as an employer. Most candidates do their research into a company, and the career site serves as a way to showcase your culture, values, open jobs, and establish a strong employer brand.

    Corporate hr

    Corporate HR is Zoho Recruit's ATS that is exclusive to internal HRs. It helps to improve the efficiency of recruitment processes for human resource working at the corporate level.

    Candidate experience

    Candidate experience refers to the entire recruitment experience from a candidate's perspective. Improving candidate experience through better user interface, communication, and feedback is essential to attract top talent.

    Cost of a bad hire

    The cost of a bad hire involves all the costs that incurs due to recruiting a candidate that is unfit for the job. This includes all the costs associated with onboarding the candidate, training them, and the money spent on rehiring for the job role.

    Candidate scorecard

    Candidate scorecard is a preset list of skills and qualifications required for the particular role. The candidates are evaluated and ranked against this scorecard.

    Candidate engagement platform

    The candidate engagement platform allows you to write and automate personalized communication with the candidates in the form of emails, messages or chat. This makes sure that the candidates have a seamless experience during the hiring process.

    Cloud online recruitment

    Cloud online recruitment involves using a cloud-based applicant tracking system to source and recruit candidates.


    Compliance refers to all the universal laws and internal policies that one must follow while sourcing, selecting, and recruiting applicants. Zoho Recruit supports General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), and The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

    Candidate marketing email

    Recruitment email marketing involves sending bulk emails about a job opening to potential candidates.

    Copy customization

    Zoho Recruit's copy customization feature allows you to replicate the same recruitment strategies to similar organizations or services, by simply copying customizations from one instance to another, instead of customizing the entire pipeline from scratch.

    Culture fit

    A culture fit is finding candidates or employees whose values align with the company values and believes in the organization's overall mission. A good culture fit will be in line with the company's working model and can work collaboratively with co-workers.


    Diversity recruitment

    Diversity recruitment is a practice that makes sure that all candidates are given an equal opportunity to showcase their skillsets. It makes sure that hiring is purely based on performance and no bias occurs in terms of their gender, age or background. Diversity recruitment is important to establish a diverse workforce that is proven to be more creative and productive.

    Direct sourcing

    Direct sourcing is when recruiters identify candidates from their own talent pool instead of using a third party to source candidates.

    Difference between ATS and CRM

    An applicant tracking system is used to execute a strategic hiring process and includes various features that enable you to source candidates, parse resumes, evaluate and engage candidates.

    A candidate relationship management system allows you to create and nurture a talent pool of potential candidates, so that you can reach out to high quality talent when a requirement arises.

    Domain mapping

    Domain mapping is redirecting users from one site to another by connecting the domain name to a web hosting server. You can also create custom domains and map them to the original site.

    Data migration

    Data migration is the process of transferring data from one place to another.


    Executive search

    Executive search refers to recruitment for highly-skilled senior level positions, which involves a more tedious hiring process with high levels of scrutiny to find the best people for the job.

    Email templates

    Email templates are pre-formatted emails that can be edited based on individual requirements.

    Employee referrals

    An employee referral program can help source candidates internally by asking your employees to refer suitable talents from known networks.

    Employer branding

    Employer branding is establishing the company's brand image as an employer. This involves defining culture, employee value prepositions, marketing and showcasing the employee experience overall.


    Free job posting

    Free job posting is advertising your job opening for free. You can do this through social media, your career site, or other free websites.

    Facebook job board

    Facebook helps businesses to post job ads and find potential candidates through its job board. Candidate information is automatically filled with their profile information.

    Formatted resume

    A formatted resume is very organized with all the information displayed in a comprehensive layout highlighting all the important skills and qualifications.


    Global recruitment

    Global recruitment involves looking for talent overseas. This allows companies to look for talents without location constraints, and gives the organization an opportunity improve diversity.

    Google for jobs

    Google for jobs is a search feature that makes it easy for job-seekers to find new job openings by aggregating listings from different job boards.


    Hiring manager vs recruiter

    A hiring manager identifies open positions, defines the scope of the role, and selects the new employee. Recruiters work on identifying and attracting the right talents for the role.

    Hiring managers act as the decision-makers while recruiters manage the process.

    Hr recruitment software

    HR recruitment software can increase the efficiency of the hiring process by helping you find high quality candidates, build a talent pool, automating manual tasks, engaging candidates, and overall maintain a consistent, strategic hiring process.

    Hr marketing

    HR marketing involves building the brand's reputation as an employer. While traditional marketing targets consumers, HR marketing targets potential employees and teaches them about why they should consider working for their company.

    Hiring pipeline

    Hiring pipeline or recruitment pipeline is the overview of different stages that a candidate has to go through in the recruitment process.


    Inclusion in the workplace

    Inclusion in the workplace is giving people from all minority groups, such as those related to gender, caste, race, or sexual orientation, equal opportunities and recognition.

    Integrated staffing

    Integrated staffing is recruiting both temporary and permanent employees

    Interview process

    The interview process is a meeting between a candidate and a hiring stakeholder to assess them for their fit for the job.


    Job requisition

    Whenever a requirement arises, a formal request needs to be submitted to initiate hiring for the job position. This document highlights and justifies the need for this position, mentions the requirements, and provides a budget estimate.

    Job boards

    A job board enables recruiters to post job openings to source candidates. Job seekers go through these job boards and apply for suitable opportunities.

    Job description

    A job description states the roles and responsibilities of a job and also specifies what skill-sets and qualifications a candidate needs to perform well in the job.

    Since it's often the first communication between an organization and potential candidates, it can also include details about the company like its vision, mission, culture, and benefits.

    Job management system

    Job management systems help to manage work and resources. With a job management system you can schedule jobs, organize them, and manage financial details.


    Key performance indicators KPIs

    Key performance indicators are metrics that are used to measure how a certain task or organization is performing.


    Linkedin recruiter

    LinkedIn recruiter is a recruiter account which has various special features that enables you to source, nurture, and engage potential candidates.

    Linkedin integration

    Linked integrates with various apps enabling to seamlessly transfer data and automate workflows.


    Mass mailing

    Mass mailing is drafting an email and sending it to a large group of people

    Marketing job boards

    A marketing job board enables recruiters to post marketing related job openings to source relevant candidates. Job seekers go through these job boards and apply for suitable opportunities.

    Mobile marketing recruitment

    Mobile marketing recruitment is using mobile technology to find and recruit candidates. This includes the usage of social media, text messages, and even mobile-friendly career sites and assessments.


    Offer letter

    An offer letter is produced to the candidate after they have been selected for a particular job role. The offer letter contains all details about the job like department, designation, remuneration, and other benefits that they are entitled to as an employee.

    On boarding process for a candidate

    On boarding is the process of welcoming new recruits to the company, and introducing them to the company, its culture, benefits, goals etc., and training them for the role.

    Open source staffing software

    Open-source staffing software allows you to centralize candidate data in a single platform, and perform recruitment functions like sourcing talents, candidate relationship management, conducting assessments, and scheduling interviews.


    Passive recruiting

    Passive recruiting involves sourcing and engaging with talents who are not currently looking for a change of job. Passive candidates makeup the majority of the workforce and tend to be high quality hires, as they are proving to be a good quality resource in their current workplace. There is less competition as they are not approaching competitor companies, and are simply looking out for better opportunities.

    Proactive hiring process

    Proactive hiring involves sourcing and engaging with candidates to build a talent pool before a requirement arises. This will give you a set of high quality candidates to reach out to when there is a job opening.

    Pre-screening assessments

    Pre-screening assessments allow you to rate and shortlist candidates based on skills and qualities, before the interview process. This may involve generic questions that dictate if they are eligible for the role or questions that assess competency.

    Phonebridge integrations

    The Zoho Phonebridge integration allows you to contact leads directly from the Zoho interface through your business telephone system.


    Quick apply

    Quick apply allows applicants to directly apply for jobs from the site that the job opening is posted on.


    Recruitment agency software

    Recruitment agency software or recruiting software provides a centralized platform for managing all the hiring tasks. It also increases the efficiency of the hiring process by providing powerful sourcing channels, automating process-oriented tasks like screening resumes and scheduling interviews, establishing candidate communication and giving data-driven insights to effectively strategize recruitment.

    Reporting hierarchy

    Reporting hierarchy refers to the authority that a certain job role holds or simply defines who reports to whom in an organization. This gives more structure to the workplace and allows teams to be guided by experienced individuals towards organization goals.

    Recruitment management system

    A recruitment management system allows you to digitize and automate the recruitment process.

    Recruitment reports

    Recruitment reports can help you track recruitment metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) to analyze the ROI and efficiency of your recruitment efforts.

    Resume parsing

    Resume parsing automates the process of screening CVs and helps segregate them based on the data in it. It also enables you to search for resumes based on the requirements for a specific job role, like skills and qualifications.

    Resume inbox

    The resume inbox feature automatically screens resumes that are sent to your mail and adds them to your Zoho Recruit account.

    Resume extractor

    Resume extractor is a chrome extension that allows you to drag select resumes from job boards, which will be automatically parsed and added to your Zoho Recruit account.

    Resume search

    Resume search helps you find relevant candidates to a job posting by searching for specific resume keywords that could be skills, qualifications or years of experience.

    Recruitment CRM

    Recruitment CRM or Recruitment candidate relationship management tool allows you to establish communication, nurture talent, and maintain relationships with current and potential candidates.

    Recruitment analytics

    Recruitment analytics helps to collect and analyze recruitment data, to give data-driven insights into how you can improve the efficiency of the hiring process.

    Recruitment dashboard

    Recruitment dashboard is a platform that collates key performance indicators and presents detailed reports about the recruitment process in a single platform. This will help you analyze the process efficiency and optimize it.

    Remote hiring

    Remote hiring is recruiting people who are not physically present at your workplace. They can work remotely from any part of the world.

    Recruiting automation

    Recruiting automation is using software to free up your recruiter's time by automating paperwork and other manual work. This can enable them to dedicate more time to tasks that require their unique HR expertise like building human connections.

    Recruitment chatbot

    Recruitment chatbot is an artificial intelligence tool that helps to establish candidate and employee communication and perform certain basic tasks like scheduling interviews.

    Resume screening tool

    Resume screening tool helps you find candidates that match your requirement by going through hundreds of CVs within just a few seconds.

    Recruitment turnaround time

    Recruitment turnaround time or time-to-fill is the amount of time between when a job position opens up and a candidate accepts the offer to fill the role.

    Resume rating tool

    Resume rating tool reviews and ranks resumes based on how much they match with the job requirements.



    Saas or software as a service are applications that are delivered via the internet on a subscription basis.


    Candidate sourcing is the process of finding candidates who can fit in with the target requirements of a particular job opening.

    Source boosters

    Zoho Recruit's advanced source boosters allow you to source candidates by simply entering the requirements for the job and add resumes directly into the recruitment portal.

    Staffing software

    Staffing software is used by recruiters, hiring managers and talent acquisition professionals to streamline the hiring process, automate process-oriented work and overall improve the efficiency of the hiring process.

    Small business hiring

    Small business hiring involves finding talents for smaller businesses which are privately owned, with fewer employees and revenue in comparison to larger corporations.

    Social recruiting

    Social recruiting is the using social media to advertise jobs, source candidates and establish connections with potential candidates.

    Standardized interview process

    A standardized interview will have a pre-set list of questions to ask every candidate, and a well-defined scoring system in order to provide more objectivity and fairness in the interview process.

    Security control

    Security control in Zoho Recruit allows you to streamline the recruiting team's access to data. Using security control, you can set permissions to view, edit or perform actions with candidate and client data.


    Text recruiting

    Text recruiting involves engaging with candidates through SMS or text messages. This can include advertising jobs, communicating their status in the hiring pipeline, pre-screening, scheduling interviews, and more. Text recruiting facilitates easy communication and has been shown to have a great response rate from candidates.

    Talent acquisition definition

    Talent acquisition is the process of identifying human resource needs in alignment with the company's long term goals and finding the right talent to meet these needs.

    Talent management systems

    A talent management system is an all-inclusive platform that helps to track and manage the talent resources of the company. It can assist in performing major HR functions recruitment, performance management, learning and development, employee engagement, talent retention, compensation, and more.

    Talent pipeline

    A talent pipeline or candidate pipeline is a pool of high quality candidates that are sourced and nurtured pro-actively in order to reach out to when a job opening arises.

    Talent acquisition process

    The talent acquisition process involves finding top talent for roles that contribute to organizational goals. This involves sourcing, screening, interviewing, recruiting, and onboarding.

    Territory management

    Territory management is building and organizing your recruitment based on geography


    User permissions

    User permissions is sanctioning users' access to certain data files and ability to perform specific actions.



    Vendor management system is a technological solution that allows your organization to manage staffing services and other external workforce.

    Vendor portal

    A vendor portal enables organizations to collaborate with third party staffing agencies effectively.

    Video interviewing software

    Video interviewing software allows companies to conduct remote job interviews with potential candidates


    Workflow rules

    Workflow rules are a set of conditions which if they are met, automated actions get triggered.

    Workflow alerts

    Workflow alerts are automated emails that get triggered as a response to a workflow rule and sent to a set of relevant recipients.


    Webforms are mediums through which visitors can contact you. Webforms can also be used to collect data from visitors.


    Ziprecruiter ATS Integration

    Ziprecruiter is an employment marketplace. Integrating your ATS with Ziprecruiter can help you streamline job postings, enable candidates to apply for jobs seamlessly and discover new hires.

    ZIA candidate matching

    ZIA can help you find the 'perfect match' for your job requirement by matching skills, qualifications, experience and proficiency. Zia also ranks the applications based on how much they match the requirement.