• How do I add users? Is there a limit to the number of users I could add?

    Users can be added from inside Users & Control under Setup. Click here to learn more about adding users.

    No, you may add unlimited paid users to your team. The number of free users you can add in your team depends on the subscription you buy. Refer to the plan comparison page for more details.

  • How does workflow automation work? Can it trigger automated email to my candidates and recruiters?

    Workflow management helps you automate your recruitment processes. You can automatically assign tasks to users based on the criteria defined in the rules and automatically update certain fields. When a certain rule is triggered, the alerts, tasks and field updates associated with the rule will also be triggered. 

    To send email notifications to your candidates and recruiters, you will need to associate an alert with a rule. You can also associate workflow tasks with a rule to assign work to your teammates. Click here to learn more about Workflow Automation in Zoho Recruit.

  • What are Unique fields in Zoho Recruit? Can I use it to prevent Duplicates?

    Email, Mobile, Phone Number, and Secondary Email Address are the 4 fields that can be set unique. However, for one particular layout, only 2 fields can be set unique.  

Self Service Portal

  • How do I give access to my Client to view my Candidates? Can they give feedback for Submissions and Interviews?

    You can give access to your Clients to view your Candidates using the Client Portal. In the Client Portal, your clients can create new job openings, send feedback for the candidates submitted for review, and make interview decisions. Click here to learn more about the Client Portal.

  • Is there an option for my Employees to Refer Candidates?

    Yes, your employees can now refer candidates to open jobs via the Employee Referral module. Click here to learn more about the Employee Referral feature.

Job Postings

  • What is Company Profile validation? How do I confirm the details?

    In Zoho Recruit, a company's profile is validated when the company's name is used as the domain name in that company's website and users' email addresses.

    This can be done under the Company Details section under Setup.

  • How do I publish a Job? What are the websites I could broadcast it to?

    From the Job Opening details page, click on Publish that's under the Actions button.

    Click here to know the job boards we've integrated with.

  • What are Source Boosters? Where do I enable it?

    Source Boosters are Zoho Recruit's state-of-the-art sourcing method. Zoho Recruit has integrated with Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, and other job boards to enable Source Boosters (or Direct Sourcing) for recruiters.
    Source Boosters can be enabled from inside the Job Boards Integration under Setup.


  • How do I automatically parse resumes sent to my email account?

    You can automatically parse resumes that are sent as attachments to your email account using Resume Inbox. Click here to learn more about Resume Inbox.

  • How do I send mass emails to candidates? Is it possible to schedule the emails to go out at a specific time?

    You can send mass emails to candidates by going to the Candidates module, clicking on More Actions [...] > Mass Email. Select the template and the records and click Send.


  • How do I keep track of the emails sent by my Candidates or Contacts?

    All emails to and from your contacts and candidates will be available in the respective contact and candidate details page.

  • What is the best way to transfer resumes in my Outlook to Zoho Recruit? Would the Outlook plugin help?

    Zoho Recruit's Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook synchronizes your contacts, tasks, and events from MS outlook to Zoho Recruit. This plug-in is available for both Windows and Mac users with a slightly varying range of operations. 


  • What is a Zoho Sheet view? What is it used for?

    Zoho Sheet view is the spreadsheet view of records that's available in certain modules. This is mainly used to mass update the fields easily.

  • Can I extract data from Professional or Social Networking websites?

    You can extract data from any professional networking website or other similar websites using the Google Chrome extractor plugin. Just copy the content and click the extension icon on your browser and the data is added to your Zoho Recruit system. Click here to learn more about the Google Chrome extractor.

  • How does the 'Calendar' function in Zoho Recruit? Do you offer sync with Google or Outlook?

    Synchronizing calendar entries in Google Calendar with those in the Zoho Recruit Calendar can be done with the Google Calendar Synchronization feature. You can update the calendar entries in either Google Calendar or Zoho Recruit and they will be updated in both. Click here to learn more about the feature.

  • What are the different types of Reports you offer?

    Zoho Recruit offers reports with data from each module. Click here to learn more about the different reports.

  • How do I schedule the reports to be emailed to me automatically?

    Through the Report Scheduler option under the Reports module in Zoho Recruit, you can schedule the reports to be emailed to you automatically.

General FAQs

  • Can I bulk import Resumes from my computer?

    You can import bulk resumes from your computer into Zoho Recruit by uploading them as a .zip file. Click on the Import from Document option under the Candidates module, and add the file from your computer

  • What are the search & filtering options offered by Zoho Recruit?

    Zoho Recruit offers three types of searches - BasicAdvanced, and Semantic. For filtering records, you can use the Advanced Filters that are available under all the modules. For further sorting of records, you can use the Custom View feature.

  • How do I change the status of the candidates? Is it possible to do it in bulk?

    To change the status of a candidate, hover the cursor over the candidate's existing status to display the edit button. You can change the status of candidates in bulk when they are associated with a job opening.

  • Is it possible to import external data into Zoho Recruit? Do you accept CSV or XLS file formats?

    It's entirely possible to bring in external data into Zoho Recruit. Zoho Recruit accepts xls, xlsx, csv, and vcf formats.

  • How do I send a masked candidate resume to a Client?

    From a candidate's details page, click More Actions [...] > Generate Formatted Resume. Select a template and click Submit to Client.

    Note that you will need to create a template for the formatted resume before generating one to send it to a client. Click here to learn how to create formatted resumes.

  • What are Assessments? Will it help me in filtering qualified candidates?

    Assessment is a process used by recruiters to evaluate candidates. Zoho Recruit offers four types of assessments - general screening, pre-screening, behavioral screening, and background screening.

    With these, you will be able to filter qualified candidates. Click here for more details about Assessments in Zoho Recruit.

  • How do I link an Assessment to a Job? Can I link more than one assessment to a Job?

    You can add a pre-screening assessment to a job before publishing it. Click here to learn more about linking assessments to jobs.

    You can add multiple general screening, behavioral screening, and background screening assessments but only one pre-screening assessment to a job.