Zoho Recruits intergration with eGrabber

Resume parsing tool plays an important role in real productivity of a recruiter. Zoho Recruit is integrated with eGrabber’s flagship product - Resume Grabber, a resume parser tool. Populate the resume database from different sources like mail attachments, resumes in folders, from job portals, social sites, google search results, etc. No more manual entry needed.

Powerful Search

Scans for resumes from search engine results, resume websites, e-mails, social sites, PC folders, etc.

Smart Filter

Resume Identification Technology accurately recognizes and displays only resumes from a bunch of documents.

Intelligent Analyzer

Automatically identifies the candidate contact details in the resume and transfers it to your database.

Duplicate Check

Checks for duplicates against your Zoho Recruit account before adding a resume. It saves time that you would otherwise spend on processing multiple records of the same candidate.

Save Resumes

Save search results and labels "hot" candidates for future reference.

How to setup Zoho Recruit and ResumeGrabber integration -