Linking Module APIs

Linking module is a sort of intermediary module which exists to provide a bridge for associating the records from two different modules. For instance, if a Lead record and a Contact record are to be associated, a new record is created in the linking module which contains the information pertaining to the association of the records from the two modules.
Hence, each association between records in any two modules is the creation of a new record in the linking module. Naturally, the association is terminated once the record in the linking module is deleted.
The linking module API is available only in Enterprise and above editions of Zoho CRM.


  • The Module API name can be acquired using the module API.

  • The Field API names that can be associated, are acquired using Fields meta data API.

  • Mandatory fields in a linking module are two lookup fields from the modules to be associated.

  • A maximum of 100 custom fields are available for a linking module.

  • You can choose the visibility of the linking module in the CRM UI.

  • To get records from the related lists, in the 'fields' parameter of the API call, enter "{linking_module_api_name}.{field_api_name}", to get the record.



Possible operation types
ALL - Full access to a record
WRITE - Edit records in a module
READ - Get records in a module
CREATE - Create records in a module
UPDATE - Update records in a module
DELETE - Delete records in a module

The Linking module API supports

Single Record APIs:

Bulk Record APIs:

Related List APIs:


There are no other specific changes in the API calls.