Get Records APIs

A record is an entity that stores all the combined information of a particular contact or company, which is acquired from various sources. The information may be acquired from a web-form, social media services, advertisements, etc. The records API allows the user to get, create, update, delete, or search records.


To get the list of available records from a module.

Request URL{module_api_name}

To get a specific record;{module_api_name}/{record_id}

module_api_name - The API name of the module
record_id - The unique Id of the record

Request Method




Possible module namesPossible operation types
candidate, application, jobopening, interview, client, contact, department, task, event, vendor, campaign, and custommoduleALL - Full access to the record
READ - Get records from the module


Parameter NameData TypeDescriptionPossible Values
StringTo list all the module records with respect to fieldsMultiple field API names, comma-separated. For example Last_Name, Email
StringTo sort the available list of records in either ascending or descending orderasc - ascending order
desc - descending order
StringTo sort the available list of records based on the given fieldField API name
Example: Email
StringTo get the list of converted records. The default value is falsetrue - get only converted records
false - get only non-converted records
both - get all records
StringTo get the list of approved records. The default value is true.true - get only approved records
false - get only records that are not approved
both - get all records
IntegerTo get the list of records from the respective pages.
The default value for the page is 1.
Positive Integer values only
IntegerTo get the list of records available per page.
The default value for the page is 200.
Positive Integer values only
IntegerTo get the list of records based on custom views{custom_view_id}
IntegerTo get the list of records based on the territory{territory_id}
BooleanTo include records from the child territories.
True includes child territory records.
False does not include child territory records.
The default value is false.
true or false


  • sort_order applies to the given sort_by field.

  • If the sort_by field is not provided, then it applies to the system-defined field.

  • The page and per_page parameter is used to fetch records according to their position in Recruit. Let's assume that the user has to fetch 400 records. The maximum number of records that one can get for an API call is 200. So, for records above the 200th position, they cannot be fetched. By using the page (1, 2, 3, and 4) and the per_page (100) parameter, the user can fetch all 400 records using 4 API calls.

Request Headers

Header NameData TypeDescriptionExample
(ISO 8601 format)
To get the list of recently modified records2019-07-25T15:26:49+05:30


  • While retrieving multiple records, subform records are not retrieved. Only the records count in a subform is retrieved.

  • To get the record details in a subform, you need to fetch the specific record information in a module.

  • To get the list of territories enabled for your organization.

  • Only admin users can fetch the records from the Notes module. The system throws an error when non-admin users try to fetch the records from the Notes module.

Possible Errors

HTTP StatusError CodeMessageReason
400INVALID_MODULEThe module name given seems to be invalidInvalid module name or no tab permission, or the module could have been removed from the organized module
400INVALID_MODULEThe given module is not supported in APIThe modules such as Documents and Projects are not supported in the current API. (This error will not be shown, once these modules are supported.)
400INVALID_MODULEThe territory is not supported for the given moduleThe given module is not territory-supported
403NOT_SUPPORTEDThis API is supported only for admin usersOnly admin users can fetch records from the Notes module.

Sample Attributes

Single Line"Single_Line_1": "This is single line",
Multi-Line"Multi_Line_1": "This is the first line \n Now for the second Line",
Email"Email_1": "",
Phone"Phone_1": "9900000000",
Picklist"Picklist_1" : "In Progress",
Multi-Select Picklist"Multi-Select_Picklist" : [
Date"Date_1": "2017-08-16",
Date/time"Date_Time": "2017-08-16T14:32:23+05:30",
Date_Time is in ISO8601 format and the time zone is the current user's time zone.
Number"Number_1": 575,
Currency"Currency_1": 250000,
Decimal"Decimal_1": 250000.50,
Percent""Percent_1": 25,
Long Integer"Long_Integer_1": "250000000000000",
Checkbox"Checkbox_1": false,
URLURL_1": "",
Lookup"Lookup" : {
"name" : "James"
"id" : "425248000000104001"
Record Owner"Owner": {
"name" : "Patricia"
"id": "425248000000104003"
Layout"Layout": {
"name" : "Custom Layout 1"
"id": "425248000000404433"
Auto number"Auto_Number_1": "CANDIDATE44N",
Where CANDIDATE - Prefix, 44 - Assignment Number, and N - Suffix.

Sample Request

Copiedcurl ""
-H "Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.8cb99dxxxxxxxxxxxxx9be93.9b8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf"

Sample Response

    "data": [
            "$currency_symbol": "Rs.",
            "No_of_Contacts_Associated": "0",
            "Shipping_State": null,
            "Website": null,
            "Account_Manager": {
                "name": "Thomas Shelby",
                "id": "486812000000216003"
            "Source": null,
            "Last_Activity_Time": "2019-11-13T17:06:38+05:30",
            "Industry": null,
            "Modified_By": {
                "name": "Thomas Shelby",
                "id": "486812000000216003"
            "$process_flow": false,
            "Exchange_Rate": null,
            "Currency": null,
            "Billing_Country": null,
            "Client_Name": "Juice",
            "Contact_Number": null,
            "id": "486812000001224088",
            "$approved": true,
            "$approval": {
                "delegate": false,
                "approve": false,
                "reject": false,
                "resubmit": false
            "Modified_Time": "2019-11-13T17:06:38+05:30",
            "Billing_Street": null,
            "Last_Mailed_Time": null,
            "Created_Time": "2019-11-13T17:06:38+05:30",
            "$followed": false,
            "$editable": true,
            "Billing_Code": null,
            "Parent_Account": null,
            "About": null,
            "Associated_Tags": [],
            "Shipping_City": null,
            "Shipping_Country": null,
            "Shipping_Code": null,
            "Billing_City": null,
            "Billing_State": null,
            "Created_By": {
                "name": "Thomas Shelby",
                "id": "486812000000216003"
            "Fax": null,
            "Is_Attachment_Present": false,
            "Shipping_Street": null
    "info": {
        "per_page": 200,
        "count": 1,
        "page": 1,
        "more_records": false