Multiple Currencies in Organization

The multi-currency support in Zoho CRM helps you to handle business and transactions in the global market effortlessly. With the multi-currency feature you can:

  • Estimate the value of a deal in your home currency as well as in your customer's local currency
  • Generate and view any report (with figures in other currencies) in your home currency
  • Import reports with figures in multiple currencies

Using Multiple Currencies

The Administrator of your organization's CRM account must add the home currency and other currencies before other profile users start using them.
The system stores the currency specified in input JSON as your home currency. Although you can edit the properties of your home currency, you cannot change it. To know how to update currencies refer to Update Currencies.


  • Only the users who have subscribed to the Enterprise and Ultimate editions can access this feature.


To enable multiple currencies for your organization.

Request URL

Request Method




Possible operation types
READ - Get currencies data
UPDATE - Update currencies data
CREATE - Create currencies

Request JSON

AttributeData TypeMandatoryDescription
decimal_separatorStringYesThe decimal separator separates the integer part of the currency from its fractional part. It can be a Period or Comma, depending on the currency.
thousand_separatorStringYesThe thousand separator separates groups of thousands in a currency. It can be a Period, Comma, or Space, depending on the currency.
decimal_placesIntegerYesRepresents the number of decimal places allowed for the currency. It can be 0, 2, or 3.
prefix_symbolBooleanNoRepresents the position of the ISO code in the currency.
true: Display ISO code before the currency value.
false: Display ISO code after the currency value.
nameStringYesRepresents the name of the currency.
iso_codeStringYesRepresents the ISO code of the currency.
symbolStringYesRepresents the symbol of the currency.
exchange_rateStringYesRepresents the rate at which the currency has to be exchanged for home currency.
is_activeBooleanNoRepresents the status of the currency.
true: The currency is active.
false: The currency is inactive.

Possible Errors

HTTP StatusError CodeMessageReason
400ALREADY_ENABLEDThe multi-currency is already enabledThe multi-currency feature has already been enabled for your organization. You cannot enable it again.
404INVALID_URL_PATTERNPlease check if the URL trying to access is a correct one.The request URL has syntactical errors.
400INVALID_DATACurrency name is invalid.You have specified an invalid currency name. Go to setup> Company Details> Under Currencies tab> Click Add> The Currency picklist will have valid currency names and ISO codes.
400INVALID_DATAISO code is invalid.You have specified an invalid ISO Code. Go to setup> Company Details> Under Currencies tab> Click Add> The Currency picklist will have valid currency names and ISO codes.
400INVALID_DATACurrency symbol is invalid.You have specified an invalid currency symbol.
403FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTEDThe multi-currency feature is not available except the Enterprise and higher editions.The multi-currency feature is only available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

Sample Request

Copiedcurl ""
-d "input.json"
-H "Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.8cb99dxxxxxxxxxxxxx9be93.9b8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf"

Sample Input

  "base_currency": {
    "format": {
      "decimal_separator": "Period",
      "thousand_separator": "Comma",
      "decimal_places": "2"
    "prefix_symbol": true,
    "name": "Algerian Dinar-ADN",
    "iso_code": "DZD",
    "symbol": "Af",
    "exchange_rate": "1.0000000"

Sample Response

  "base_currency": {
    "code": "SUCCESS",
    "details" {
      "id": "111113000000038990"
    "message": "The multi-currency feature is enabled and given currency is created as the base currency.",
    "status": "success"