Custom Views Meta Data


To get the custom views data of a particular module. Specify the module name in your API request whose custom view data you want to retrieve.

Request URL{module_id}?module={module_api_name}

module_api_name - The API name of the module
module_id - The unique Id of the module

Request Method



Possible module namesPossible Operation Types

candidate, jobopenings, interview, client, contact, department, task, event, vendor, campaign, referral and custommodule

ALL - Full access to custom view data
READ - Read access to custom view data


Parameter NameData TypeDescription
module (mandatory)StringSpecify the API name of the required module. For example, Candidates, Contacts, Clients, Interviews, and so on.


Possible Errors

HTTP StatusError CodeMessageReason
400INVALID_MODULEThe module name given seems to be invalidInvalid module name or no tab permission, or the module could have been removed from the organized module
400INVALID_MODULEThe given module is not supported in APIThe modules such as Documents and Projects are not supported in the current API. (This error will not be shown, once these modules are supported.)

Sample Request

Copiedcurl ""
-H "Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.8cb99dxxxxxxxxxxxxx9be93.9b8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf"

Sample Response

    "custom_views": [
            "display_value": "All Candidates",
            "shared_type": null,
            "criteria": null,
            "system_name": "ALLVIEWS",
            "shared_details": null,
            "sort_by": "Updated_On",
            "offline": true,
            "default": false,
            "system_defined": true,
            "name": "All Open Leads",
            "id": "486812000000112160",
            "category": "shared_with_me",
            "fields": [
            "favorite": null,
            "sort_order": "desc",
            "is_search": false