Custom Functions 

Changing the auth token mechanism within your custom functions is easy with Connections, a type of wrapper that helps you migrate to Zoho OAuth with a few simple steps.  

Follow the steps below to create Connections within Zoho Recruit:

  1. Access the link below by replacing the highlighted part of the link with your orgID. To find your orgID, follow this path in Zoho Recruit: Setup-->Developer Space-->APIs.{your orgID}

    For example, if your orgID is 12345, then your access link will be:
  2. Choose Zoho OAuth from the dropdown menu of available Connections. When making this selection, uncheck the box titled Use Credentials of Login User. This will ensure that your connection remains private and protected.

Note: If you have used pre-defined integration tasks from Zoho Recruit within your custom functions, you do not have to worry about changing the authentication method for these elements. However, if you have used a combination of both the direct API calls and Integration Tasks, then you must make the appropriate changes to the API calls.

  1. Give your Connection a name and a connection link name

  2. Choose the appropriate scope needed to access Zoho Recruit's Rest APIs. To understand how to define your OAuth Scope, refer to this guide.

Click the Create and Connect button to complete the procedure. You will receive details about the connection and sample code that show you how to use the connection inside your custom function