Upload File


To upload a CSV file in ZIP format for bulk write API. The response contains the file_id. Use this ID while making the bulk write request.

Request URL


Request Method




Request Headers

Header NameValueDescription
AuthorizationZoho-oauthtoken 1000.avsxxxxxxxxxxxxxdfA token that is sent to the resource server to access the protected resources of the user
featurebulk-writeTo indicate that this a bulk write operation
X-RECRUIT-ORGzgidThe unique ID (zgid) of your organization obtained through the Organization API


Parameter NameData TypeDescription
file (mandatory)fileChoose the zip file you want to upload

Possible Errors

HTTP StatusErrorMessageReason
200INVALID_FILE_FORMATinvalid file format. only zip format is supportedThe file you uploaded is not in the zip format.
200FILE_TOO_LARGEFile size too large to processThe file size is greater than 25MB
404INVALID_URL_PATTERNPlease check if the URL you are trying to access is correctThe request URL specified is incorrect. Specify a valid request URL
404OAUTH_SCOPE_MISMATCHUnauthorizedClient does not have ZohoFiles.files.ALL. Create a new client with valid scope. 
403NO_PERMISSIONPermission denied to createThe user does not have permission to upload files. Contact your system administrator
500INTERNAL_ERRORInternal server errorUnexpected and unhandled exception in Server. Contact support team.
400INVALID_REQUEST_METHODThe http request method type is not a valid oneYou have specified an invalid HTTP method to access the API URL. Specify a valid request method
400AUTHORIZATION_FAILEDUser does not have sufficient privilege to createThe user does not have permission to upload files. Contact your system administrator


Sample Request

Copiedcurl "https://upload.zoho.com/recruit/v2/upload"
-H "Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.8cb99dxxxxxxxxxxxxx9be93.9b8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf"
-H "X-RECRUIT-ORG: 56xxxx47"
-H "feature: bulk-write"
-F "file=@file.csv.zip"

In the input, "@file.csv.zip" contains the CSV file in ZIP format.

Sample Response

   "details": {
       "created_time": "2021-02-09T12:17:05+05:30",
       "file_id": "17774000000816001"
   "message": "file uploaded.",
   "status": "success"