Get Bulk Read Job Details


To get the details of a bulk read job performed previously.

Request URL{job_id}

job_id - The unique ID of the bulk read job

Request Method



Possible module namesPossible operation types
​candidate, jobopening, client, interview, contact, and custommoduleALL - Full access to related records
READ - Get bulk read job

Response Structure

AttributeData TypeDescription
operationStringSpecifies the type of action the API completed. Sample - "operation" : "read”.
created_byJSON ObjectSpecifies the ID and Name of the user who initiated the bulk read job. Sample - "created_by": { "id": "1000000031045", "name": "Patricia Boyle" },
created_timeISO8601Specifies the time period of when the bulk read job was initialized.
stateStringSpecifies the current status of the bulk read job. Example: "state": "ADDED" or "IN PROGRESS" or "COMPLETED".
queryJSON ObjectSpecifies the "query" provided by the user when creating the bulk read job. The attributes are the same as in the Request JSON, with "modules", "cvid", fields", "criteria" and "page".
idStringSpecifies the unique identifier of the bulk read job. Sample - "id": "1000010760002".
result Show propertiesJSON ObjectIt is available only after the completion of the job. Please refer the below table for information on the "result" JSON object.

Result Properties

AttributeData TypeDescription
pageIntegerDescribes the range of the number of records exported. If the "page" is one, then the number of records would be between 1 - 200,000. If it's "two", then the records from 200,001 - 400,000 will be taken for export.
countIntegerSpecifies the actual number of records exported. Sample - "count": 14567
download_urlStringSpecifies the url which contains the CSV file. User can send a GET request with your api domain attached to the download URL to download the file. Sample - "/recruit/bulk/v2/read/2883756000001275012/result".
more_recordsBooleanThe "more_records" key in the response can be used to detect if there are any further records. You can change the value of "page" key for additional export jobs.


  • To know more about the Bulk API limits, go here.

Sample Request

Copiedcurl ""
-H "Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.8cb99dxxxxxxxxxxxxx9be93.9b8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf"

Sample Response: Upon Success

   "data": [
           "id": "17774000000749001",
           "operation": "read",
           "state": "COMPLETED",
           "result": {
               "page": 1,
               "count": 114,
               "download_url": "/recruit/bulk/v2/read/17774000000749001/result",
               "per_page": 200000,
               "more_records": false
           "query": {
               "module": "Candidates",
               "selectfields": [
               "page": 1
           "created_by": {
               "id": "17774000000410003",
               "name": "Patricia Boyle"
           "created_time": "2020-11-10T06:45:58+05:30",
           "file_type": "csv"

Sample Response: Upon Failure

   "status": "error",
   "code": "RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND",
   "message": "The requested resource doesn't exist.",
   "details": {
       "resource": "177740000007490012"