Customize Your Experience.

Create Custom Modules.

Zoho Recruit provides custom modules to accommodate users that have their own existing workflows inside the system. For example, if you have an evaluation process for interviews, you can add a custom module to capture this information titled, "Evaluation".

Get Organized.

Get organized and keep your workspace clutter-free by customizing the layout.

Organize Tabs.

Customize tabs inside your Zoho Recruit account by renaming them. You can also remove unwanted tabs and create web tabs of your own.

Tag data for easy access.

Vast data and limited time make a difficult duo. Tag your records and classify them, for an easy way to find what you are looking for.

Tune your settings to suit your needs.

Your company, your rules. Personalize the organization settings to match your requirements. Be it the currency, locale or logo; customize the company details to fit the bill.