What is candidate sourcing?

Candidate sourcing is the process through which we search for, identify, and connect with a potential candidate for a current job openings or for a future role. Zoho Recruit lets you reach the most talented individuals and stay updated on all the ways they apply for jobs. Enhance visibility for all your job openings by creating a custom careers page and extend your reach using popular job boards, direct sourcing, and social media.

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Why should I use candidate sourcing software?

Sourcing is no longer just gathering candidate information, it's an overall part of a company's talent acquisition strategy. 76% of recruiters say that attracting quality candidates is their number one challenge. With Zoho Recruit's candidate sourcing tools, you can attract quality talent and build lasting relationships with future employees.

76% of recruiters say that attracting quality candidates is their number one challenge.

Find talent and let talent find you

An exceptional candidate experience can go a long way when trying to find the best talent for your organization. Zoho Recruit can not only help you find quality people, but it also has tools that make the application process easier and more efficient for candidates.

Design a Careers page that portrays your brand

Use your company website to elevate your candidate experience. Create a careers site that lists every job opening with complete descriptions and accepts applications for multiple job openings at once. Build SEO friendly career pages, customized to fit your brand and embedded onto your website. Ensure the page is mobile-friendly as well, so candidates can apply from their phones or tablets.

Provide easy accessibility with a candidate portal

When searching for the best talent, sometimes posting a vacancy through multiple mediums is not enough. Provide your candidates with a portal where they can apply and track their application. This makes the process simpler for your candidates and increases your ability to tap into a highly qualified talent pool for future job openings. Having a candidate portal also greatly improves your employer brand.

Post once and publish everywhere

The first step in attracting qualified candidates is advertising your job openings on the right job board. Gone are the days when recruiters posted job opening and waited for candidates to apply. Save time and effort by directly sourcing candidates with Source Boosters. With Zoho Recruit, increase visibility by 10x by publishing jobs onto both free and premium boards.

Sharpen your social recruiting game

Social recruiting is more than just posting your job vacancies on social networks. 82% of recruiters say they use social media to recruit managers. With your social presence, reach passive candidates and showcase your company culture. Allow them to apply for open positions through Apply with LinkedIn, Google for jobs, and Facebook Job Postings, and then add them directly inside Zoho Recruit.

Turn every employee into a recruiter

Leverage your workforce as a sourcing extension through employee referrals. New hires that come from an employee referral program are more likely to stay with your company. Zoho Recruit's Employee referrals make it easy for employees to submit referrals and for hiring managers to track and manage them.

The power of resume management

Resumes are an important part of an applicant tracking system. Save time by using resume parsing tools to extract applicant details. With Zoho Recruit's Resume Inbox, you can automatically parse resumes from any email account to your recruit database. Found an impressive resume online? With our Chrome extension, parse content from almost any webpage and add it as a candidate record.

Make informed decisions with analytics

Predictive analytics in recruitment help you reduce your cost per hire and find talents faster. Powerful recruiting analytics help you explore every aspect of your business, turn data into successful initiatives, and make better recruiting decisions quickly. With sourcing summaries and other recruiting KPIs, get an overview of your job opening and identify sources for the best candidates.

Fast and successful candidate sourcing with Zoho Recruit

We prioritize healthy client and candidate relationships, so you can quickly and efficiently hire the right individuals for your organization.

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