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Parsing Resumes in Zoho Recruit with Rchilli integration

Automation is the rage everywhere and this holds true even in the Staffing Agencies / Human Resources Departments. The traditional methods of receiving resumes in...

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Zoho Recruit: Power Search your Candidates' Details

Zoho Recruit has enhanced the search capabilities in its Candidates module. HR professionals, recruiters and staffing agencies can more easily search across their candidates’ details...

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Zoho Recruit Integrates With Zoho Writer, Sheet, Show and Viewer

No more file downloads to view and edit the documents in Zoho Recruit. Viewing and editing the documents has now been made easy in Zoho Recruit....

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Zoho Recruit – Candidate Form Takes a Flexible Fresh Look

Customization is the norm of the day. At Zoho Recruit, we clearly understand this fact and aim at offering the best possible customizable options. Such...

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Customization Options in Zoho Recruit

Each organization is unique. Today, I just want to share about Zoho Recruit’s different customization options, which allows organizations to customize Zoho Recruit as per...

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Announcing Zoho Recruit

These days, HR departments and Recruiting professionals are finding it increasingly hard to pick the best candidate for a job opening among a growing pool...

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