Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant tracking software (ATS) is a database of job applications and applicants with easy tracking and management of the recruitment process. Application tracking software is used by all sizes of organization to track, manage, and communicate with a large number of candidates to automate the recruiting process.

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Key Features of Applicant Tracking Software

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Reduce time-to-fill

Recruit ahead of the curve by establishing a structured hiring process. Build an effective talent pipeline, source candidates faster than ever, harness the power of data, and provide a great candidate experience.

Reduce time to fill - Applicant tracking system

AI Assistant

From identifying talent to mapping behavioral assessments of candidates, select the right talent with an AI-powered recruiting assistant.

AI assistance - Applicant tracking system

Recruit on the go

Effectively plan your workday, even on your commute. Manage candidate, client, and contacts effortlessly and schedule interview with a tap.

Why do you need an Applicant tracking system?

Recruiting the right talent for your organization is a challenge for any recruiter. Move the best candidate through the hiring process with Zoho Recruit's online applicant tracking system. Say goodbye to manually entering details in your candidate database and automate your recruitment process.

The Best Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)   
The Best Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

Maintaining a low candidate drop-off rate and an esteemed employer brand are top concerns for recruiters. Zoho Recruit’s career site is all you need to create, set up, and publish jobs in search of your next great hire.

The Best Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

Zoho Recruit's ATS system has been awarded the best applicant tracking software by leading review platforms. Schedule a demo today and see why top recruiting firms choose Zoho Recruit to streamline their hiring process.

    ★★★★★4.4 / 5
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    ★★★★★4.4 / 5
    ★★★★★4.4 / 5
    ★★★★★4.4 / 5
    ★★★★★4.4 / 5

How does Applicant tracking software work?

An ATS tracking system offers a wide range of solution to meet different hiring challenges faced by recruiters. From Sourcing to analyzing to selecting the best candidates applicant tracking system/software helps you to improve candidate experience. Here's what Zoho Recruit's ATS software offers:

Multi-channel candidate sourcing

Candidate sourcing - ATS tracking system

Manage candidates across the hiring process

Hiring pipeline - ATS tracking system

Mitigate bias from your interview process

Candidate Assessments - Applicant tracking system

Keep everyone in sync

Recruitment Communication - Applicant tracking system

Get real-time reports and insights

Recruitment Analytics - Applicant tracking system

Autopilot your workflows

Recruiting Workflows - Applicant tracking system

The future of your organization depends on attracting top talent. Access huge swaths of the talent pool with our applicant tracking software. Improve the quality of hires with employee referral, a powerful source booster, beautiful career site, and more.

Enter a start and end time

Managing the hiring process should be the top priority for any recruiter. ATS online for recruiters, build an efficient and scalable recruiting process with our best job applicant tracking systems and get a holistic view of the hiring pipeline.

Enter a time duration

Zoho Recruit provides a better hiring experience compared to other ATS systems for both interviewers and candidates.. Make hiring decisions that aren't influenced by emotion by viewing and evaluating candidates based on consistent assessments.

Set up a date cycle or a real-time input option

Seamlessly collaborate with teams through effective multi-channel communication. Get quick responses from colleagues by @mentions, add comments, and hire candidates faster than ever.

Enter a time duration

With the right ATS recruiting system, you can increase the number of placements and grow your business. Zoho Recruit's advanced recruit analytics, helps you back up all of your presentations with data. Create forecast for next quarter and keep track of important metrics.

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Automate your entire recruitment process from daily tasks to rejecting a candidate based on pre-defined criteria and streamline your candidate tracking system. Spend less time on data entry and focus on what matters the most.

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Benefits of Application tracking system/software

  • Reduce time-to-hire by automating routine mundane task with a online ATS software.
  • Organize and keep track of all recruitment activities.
  • Provide simple collaboration and communication tools between recruiters and candidates.
  • Build high quality talent pools by powerful sourcing techniques.
  • Elevate candidate experience by easier job application process.
  • Make informed decision with recruitment analytics and nail on that perfect hire.

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