downloadFile Method

  1. Purpose
  2. Request URL
  3. Request Parameters


You can use this method to download files from Recruit to your system.

Request URL

XML Format: Token&scope=recruitapi&id=Attachment Id&version=2

JSON Format: Token&scope=recruitapi&id=Attachment Id&version=2

Request Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
authtoken*StringEncrypted alphanumeric string to authenticate your Zoho credentials.
scope*StringSpecify the value as recruitapi.
id*StringSpecify the unique ID of the attachment (You can get the attachment id from the getRelatedRecords API).
version*IntegerUse version=2: This will fetch responses based on the latest API implementation.

* - Mandatory parameter


  1. Your program can request only 15 downloadFile calls per 5 min. If API User requests more than 15 calls, system will block the API access for 15 min. 
  2. You can download files only from Attachments section in the Record Details Page.