API Methods

Method NamePurpose
getRecordsTo retrieve all users data specified in the API request
getRecordByIdTo retrieve individual records by record ID
addRecordsTo insert records into the required Zoho Recruit module
updateRecordsTo update or modify the records in Zoho Recruit


To retrieve all note types in the user account which will be useful while adding Notes through API
getRelatedRecordsTo retrieve records related to a primary module
getFieldsTo retrieve details of fields available in a module


To retrieve Associated JobOpenings of a given Candidate


To change the candidate status with respect to the job openings in Zoho Recruit
uploadFileTo attach a file to a record
downloadFileTo download a file attached to a record


To associate candidates to job openings in Zoho Recruit
uploadPhotoTo add a photo to a contact or candidate
downloadPhotoTo download the photo of a contact or candidate


To parse and upload candidate resumes from third-party applications. This is available only in the Paid Edition.
getModulesTo retrieve all modules from Zoho Recruit account

To get associated Candidates for a Job Opening


To search records by the expressions of the selected columns