Activities Stream

Activity Streams in Zoho Recruit gives you a comprehensive view of the latest activities of different users in your organizational account and ensures that you stay updated. With the teams distributed across the globe in different time zones, coordinating with them to get a daily report is a cumbersome task. Activity Streams provides a quick snapshot of all the recent activities like interviews scheduled, candidates added, job openings closed, new clients added, status changes and more.


Account manager

Get to know the latest status of your client’s job openings i.e, the latest shortlisted candidate, status of the interview, etc.


Quickly get to know the recently added job openings in the dashboard to headstart on the opening.


Get a quick snapshot of the activities in the organization to proceed further.

Active Job openings

Zoho Recruit allows you to quickly view active job openings, their statuses, and the associated clients.

Active Candidates

Get a quick overview of the active candidates, their job opening status and the client.

My Colleagues

View the details of your colleagues in a single click. It also provides you with shortcuts to view their details.

Today’s Interviews

Today’s interviews display the list of interviews scheduled for the day. This enables you to have a check on the latest happenings.