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    Sara Beam & Vanathy
    Episode #13

    Why happy sales teams make happy companies?

    We had a spectacular live interview with Sara Beam, Founder & CEO, Virago Ventures. Sara shared her industry knowledge from 10+ years of experience in consumer products and services.

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    Phil Bedford MSC & Ali Shabdar
    Episode #12

    Now is the time to be a small business - does small and fast beat big and slow?

    A spectacular discussion on how now is the right time to build small businesses and how business owners can build their network and brand.

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    Bijay & Ali Shabdar
    Episode #11

    Thriving in a challenging economy by utilizing a powerful business network

    Tune in to listen to an interesting interview on how businesses can flourish with the right powerful network.

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    Bilna Sandeep & Vaishnavi
    Episode #10

    Getting started with Instagram for your small business

    Bilna Sandeep, Small Business Mentor, shares marketing tips and hacks for building a successful Instagram profile.

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    Kuppulakshmi & Vaishnavi
    Episode #9

    How should Startups look at Software as they set up, start off and scale

    Kuppu, Global Head of Zoho for Startups, shares her insights on how startups are doing during the new working conditions and the best apps to invest in for scaling up.

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    Philip John & Vanathy
    Episode #8

    Content Marketing – The Power of Stories in a Changing World

    Philip John, Creative Director, and a renowned author of the famous social media blog Labyrinths, shares his brilliant insights on Content Marketing and Story Telling.

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    Ryno Wubbeling & Andrew
    Episode #7

    The Future of Technology for Schools

    Listen to Ryno talk about the latest technology for schools and how d6 group empowers education with their software.

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    Sander Wasser & Prem
    Episode #6

    Managing and sustaining a close-knit environment when working remotely.

    Sander shared tips and strategies on managing and co-ordinating your team, and establishing a good environment when working remotely.

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    Rajendran & Vanathy
    Episode #5

    Building your own workforce.

    Listen to the insightful talk on important aspects to consider for building your workforce.

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    Paul Wilson & Andrew
    Episode #4

    Technology For South African Businesses

    Paul’s shares his expertise on smart technology investments for South African industries.

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    Morris Sinclair & Vanathy
    Episode #3

    Seamless remote working with Agile Strategies

    Morris talks about how agile management can be implemented in the workforce for optimal productivity.

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    Bader Kamal & Ali Shabdar
    Episode #2

    Digital Minimalism in the Startup Ecosystem

    Bader shares his knowledge of the startup ecosystem and Bahrain government’s support for startup owners.

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    Andrew & Vanathy
    Episode #1

    Sustenance of Businesses in Challenging Times

    Andrew shared his valuable insights on how businesses can equip themselves and how Zoho tools make it that much easier.

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