"We live in an environment of extreme Darwinism, where survival and growth depend on the ability to sense, anticipate, respond and adapt faster than ever".

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The pandemic has forced many to rush into digital transformation, often exposing weaknesses and with a poorly thought out strategy resulting in siloed business applications or other shortcomings.

Now over a year in, how can organisations adapt their digital strategies to streamline operations, add greater flexibility, agility, and the means to sense, respond, and adapt quickly? This calls for a holistic, enterprise-wide view way beyond IT.

CX-Create has developed a report which will help you manoeuvre successfully through this ever-changing landscape, and incorporates guidance on breaking down the barriers to deliver excellent customer experience and how to develop a robust and adaptable customer experience strategy.

Download this CX-Create report to discover:

  • CX-Create's viewpoint on what it takes to thrive
  • How Zoho is exceptionally well positioned to provide a platform to help drive best practice digital transformation
  • How Zoho supports the three value disciplines CX-Create cites as essential for any business to grow
  • How Zoho's values, capabilities, and ability help businesses thrive in volatile, uncertain, increasingly complex, and ambiguous market environments

"Most public cloud services from the hyperscalers are still not affordable for smaller businesses. Zoho, which sees itself as a technology company, not a software vendor, has developed its data centers as part of a deliberate strategy to own and manage the entire tech stack. This allows it to optimize each technology layer – cloud infrastructure and communications, services, and applications. Similar to Apple's vertically integrated strategy, this ensures that each element combines seamlessly, increasing throughput speeds and minimizing storage space. Zoho's ten data centers in Asia, Australia, China, EU, India, and the US, keep costs down and reduce carbon emissions."

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