Web testing for every user



Web test recorder

  • No coding knowledge required
  • Button-click test case creation
  • Accurate element and action tracking
  • Time saving and user friendly


Low-code builder

  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Shorter learning curve
  • Built-in actions with predefined syntax
  • Faster testing when compared to manual coding


Pro-code editor

  • IDE for creating test cases from scratch
  • Write test cases using a familiar syntax
  • Code autocomplete for smarter suggestions

Zoho QEngine puts the user in control

‌Zoho QEngine optimizes web testing by providing the user with the tools necessary for creating and managing test cases, catering to all types of workflows. ‌Zoho QEngine ensures quality assurance by enabling web application security testing, load testing, compatibility testing and more.

Browser testing for compatibility

‌Zoho QEngine gives users access to different versions of web browsers for web application testing on the cloud, to ensure wider adaptability. It also provides the ability to access browsers available on local machines under test agents for different operating systems.

Browser testing for compatibility
Browser testing for compatibility

Parallel testing for efficiency

Faster execution of tests by shifting to parallel testing instead of running test cases in sequential order. ‌Zoho QEngine allows multiple threads for running simultaneous instances of test cases by splitting the test case modules.

Parallel testing for efficiency
Parallel testing for efficiency

Optimize test cases with self-healing AI

‌Zoho QEngine's AI algorithms identify and rectify errors in locators of elements to ensure that the test cases run uninterrupted. Fixes applied by AI algorithms are presented to the user as suggestions for posterity.

Testing with Zoho QEngine

Creating, managing, and automating test cases is effortless on the ‌Zoho QEngine software.

Efficient test case management with test suites

‌Zoho QEngine lets users manage different test cases with similar or related functionality scattered across multiple modules in a single place. These test cases can be arranged inside the test suites, for example, regression suite, to perform testing efficiently.

Complete control over the testing process

‌Zoho QEngine helps organizations maintain the role hierarchy for test suites under test plans to avoid issues arising from oversight. It also provides users with complete control over the environments and its associated parameters.

Automated web testing with test plans

Automated web testing helps users save time by scheduling test suites to run at a particular time or day of the week, for example, nightly builds. Screenshots and logs of the automated test cases are available for passed test cases in the results section. Notifications in the form of emails based on the test automation results can be triggered for set recipients.

Smart, insightful dashboard

‌Zoho QEngine provides users with consolidated and detailed reports for all test plans, in the form of actionable tasks. Results can be viewed using various filters present on the dashboard for comprehensive analysis of test cases.

Smart, insightful dashboard
Smart, insightful dashboard

Get started today!

Create, develop, manage and execute automated functional tests while collaborating with your team. ‌Zoho QEngine's test automation software is everything you need to run your entire testing lifecycle.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is web testing?

Web application testing, or web testing, is a software testing practice to identify bugs in websites or web applications before they go live. Testing identifies five types of bugs related to performance, functionality, compatibility, usability, and security.

2. What is web testing automation?

Automation ensures that testing can be scheduled to run at user-specified time intervals, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Nightly builds—builds usually run at night to ensure there is no change to the source code—and daily builds are possible only with automation testing.

3. Why opt for cloud-based web application testing?

Cloud-based test automation software helps organizations handle the testing process efficiently, without the need for dedicated servers on premises.