Why do we need test analytics?

Getting insights from test execution is a major step to ensure the software you're testing is ready to hit the market. The custom reporting lets you segregate data and insights from your tests with a visual of key metrics which helps forecast future tests. This enables a quicker feedback model in software testing that involves a large workforce.

Smart, insightful dashboard
Smart, insightful dashboard

Status check for all your test plans

Zoho QEngine's dashboard gives a bird's eye view of the test plans that can be drilled down further to scan for errors, and track key performance indicators (KPIs). The reports can be configured effortlessly without writing a single line of code and can be accessed across devices, both web and mobile.

Status check for all your test plans

Test analytics

Zoho QEngine lets you analyze your test progress with detailed logs to detect, rectify, and understand how and why a test failed. This helps in understanding the best fit environment—devices, browsers, and operating systems—for the software. All this can be run and re-run on the same dashboard.

Status check for all your test plans

Custom reports

Build reports with information relevant to your test case to manage projects better. This can be used to prioritize tests that require introspection at every development stage.



Dashboards on Zoho QEngine give a graphical overview of all your test results which can be scrutinized further to understand pending, upcoming, and successfully completed tests in the same window.


Life cycle management

Manage your test case development life cycle with test plan runs, test executions, environments, trends and more.

Rev up your test cases with Zoho QEngine

Reserve your test seats as we prepare to take off! With Zoho QEngine, you can now run your test cases on the cloud. The software supports a multitude of languages, platforms, devices, and browsers all in one place.

Frequently asked questions

Is Zoho QEngine online?

Zoho QEngine is a hybrid cloud automation testing software that lets QA analysts test web apps, mobile apps, and APIs either on their web browser or using the QEngine agent on their system.

Does Zoho QEngine provide test analytics?

Yes, Zoho QEngine comes with custom reports and dashboards that provide trends to slice and dice your tests to make it more efficient.

Are logs accessible on Zoho QEngine?

Yes, Zoho QEngine provides test logs to analyze test case results, the time taken to complete tests, and—in case of failure—where each test failed.